About Us

"For denture wearers comfort and shape is vital so that dentures can be worn everyday without irritation or problems. Not only that, a new set of dentures can lift your face and get your smile back to its natural beauty."

Speedy Denture Services is one of Glasgow's longest running companies that specialises in building bespoke dentures that will provide the perfect fit and the highest quality to ensure years of comfortable use.
Established since 1973, the family run business, known locally as "Glamorous Geggies", offers expertise in denture making, so that you can have new dentures, or dentures repaired or cleaned with the greatest of care and attention to detail.

With two Speedy Denture Services in the Glasgow area, one being located in Renfrew, the original shop situated on Dumbarton Road at Partick Cross, is a small but distinctive premises, with its original and characteristic frontage offering a warm welcome to its customers. Clients from all over the world have used the company, many with repeat orders over the years, because of the unique offering and first class denture service. In fact, owner John Nicol's dentures skills have been called upon to create teeth for characters in several television shows including Chewing the Fat.

Speedy's friendly service ensures that customer satisfaction comes first - as a small business it's important to maintain a personal and focused service.

While dentists normally send dentures away to be made, one of the best features of Speedy Denture Services is that as they only deal with dentures, and they are made on the premises, customers can watch while their dentures are being designed. This means you can tell the denture technician exactly what you want, and make sure the end result is precisely what suits you best.

These specialist dentures can be styled exactly the way you want them - any size, shade, with straight or irregular teeth. In addition to dentures, you can visit Speedy Denture Services for gum shields and sports gum shields, or have dentures repaired while you wait. There is even a free cleaning service for customers.